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General Help

Finding datasets

Datasets will be added to LA HealthDataNow! on an ongoing basis. However, it is possible that the dataset you are looking for is not yet available, or (if it contains sensitive or individual level data) that it is not appropriate for distribution over the world-wide web. If so, please contact the unit of the Department of Public Health that monitors the health issue of interest to you and ask whether they can provide summary statistics.


Saving query results

Most LA HealthDataNow! queries offer the user the option to download results as PDF or RTF files. After running a query, check the query documentation directly below the query results. It will probably contain links (pictured below) that allow you to download PDF or RTF files.


Selecting multiple options in a list

Some queries contain lists from which you may select multiple options. For example, you might want to query mortality from both heart disease AND diabetes. In order to do so, you can hold down the control key and click on each option individually. Alternatively, if the options are adjacent to each other in the list, you may click on the first, then hold down your mouse button while you mouse over the other.

Public Health has made reasonable efforts to provide accurate translation. However, no computerized translation is perfect and is not intended to replace traditional translation methods. If questions arise concerning the accuracy of the information, please refer to the English edition of the website, which is the official version.
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